Setting up a new Procurement instance at Databalance

NOTE: This instruction is for setting up a new, blank database at Databalance. For database migration, see: B1RD-Procurement database migration-v01-20191125


  • Create a new Procurement database OR migrate an existing database (see: B1RD-Procurement database migration-v01-20191125)

  • Create a dedicated MariaDB user for the database

  • Replace root with the dedicated database user in Procurement settings

  • Test connection, set attachments path and activate users

Creating a new Procurement database

  • Go to Connection Settings

  • Settings:

    • License Server:

    • B1 Database Server

      • Name:

        • HANA: DBCSAPDBS<service unit, e.g. 017>-01:30015

        • SQL: DBCSAPDBS<service unit, e.g. 014>-01

    • Procurement Database Server

      • Name:

      • Username: root

      • Password: <see Dashlane note Databalance Procurement server>

  • Enter the name of the B1 database to Database


  • Select System Administration > Initialize Procurement Database


  • Click OK

Create a dedicated MariaDB user for the database

  • Run DBeaver

  • Expand MariaDB Users

  • Right-click Users and select Create New User

  • Go to Properties tab

  • Change User Name to customer’s three-letter abbreviation in lowercase (e.g. mhk, off)

  • Enter as Host

  • Use Dashlane’s password generator to generate a password (20 characters, letters, digits, NO symbols & avoid ambiguous characters)

  • Save credentials to customer’s Dashlane note under title “PROCUREMENT DB  CREDENTIALS” (see e.g. Databalance Procurement server note for an example)

  • Click Save

  • Click Persist

  • Go to Schema Properties tab

  • Under Catalog, select customer’s database

  • Under Table, select % (All)

  • Under Table Privileges, select AlterCreateDeleteDropInsertSelect and Update

  • Click Save

  • Click Persist

Set attachments path

  • Attachment path is automatically applied in the cloud.

  • When there was a bug, attachments path needed to be set directly in the database from DBeaver. Set the path to: \\\SAPB1\SharedFolders\<Company db name>\Procurement

Finalizing Procurement’s Connection Settings

  • Open Procurement’s Connection Settings window

  • Replace Username under Procurement Database Server with the newly created, dedicated database user

  • Replate Password under Procurement Database Server with the new password

  • Make sure the B1 Database Server name is pointing to the correct service unit (= SU in which the related B1 tenant resides at, in this case SU-014):

  • Click Login


For clean setup insert settings by SQL. Change the database from the example (pfz_example)

INSERT INTO pfz_example.settings (ID,AttachmentsPath,SmtpServer,Version,InboxPath) VALUES 




Next steps

  • Create a separate test database

  • Ask Databalance to publish Procurement for dedicated users

  • Instruct users how to test