Order terms: SAP B1 Public Cloud Services

SAP B1 Public Cloud service includes the use of SAP Business One in a public cloud environment provided by Profiz through partnership with Databalance with the following inclusions:

  • Adequate resources covering the simultaneous use of all the customer’s SAP Business One users and SAP Business One usage through third party applications
  • Secure access (SSL connection) to SAP Business One through web client or RDS client
  • Service availability of 99,6% calculated based on 24 hours per day and 365 days per year
  • A maximum of 1,5 GB (gigabyte) database/databases (including testing databases) per user
  • 2 GB of drive space per user for attachments and other files 
  • Necessary automated backups for database(s) and files
  • Microsoft SQL license if customer is running SAP Business One on SQL database 
  • All administration, management, maintenance and necessary updates on the SAP Business One public cloud infrastructure
  • SAP Business One software update twice a year (major or patch level update)

Automated backup of the database(s) and other files consists of a daily backup run and the storage of backups up to 7 days for databases and 9 different versions for other files, provided that no other agreement has been made with customer which would define a more frequent backup cycle or a longer storage of the backups in question. Any system or database recovery operation carried out regarding the backups will be executed on request and will be invoiced based on the hours used (minimum 1 hour) for the operation in question where Profiz’s price list applies.

Administration, management and maintenance consists of automated supervision of the SAP Business One public cloud environment to ensure the environment remains operational and the installed services respond as expected. 

Other public cloud environment -related work, as ordered by customer, will be invoiced based on the hours used (minimum 1 hour) where Profiz’s price list applies unless otherwise agreed.

Database storage extension

If a customer's database(s) exceed the allocated 1,5 GB per user, the default storage can be adjusted by 4 GB according to the latest valid price list. The expansion will be added to the customer’s entire database.

File storage extension

If customer’s file storage exceeds the allocated 2 GB per user, the default storage can be adjusted by 100 GB according to the latest valid price list. This expansion is not user-dependent.

Support request handling SLA

Any issues with the environment are to be reported to Profiz’s incident ticketing system. Support requests and incidents must be reported through Profiz’s ticketing system and the message must include information pertinent to the issue description such as screenshots, event logs, images, videos, or other details separately requested by Profiz

Profiz will solve the reported issues based on their urgency (best effort). Profiz handles incidents during business hours from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm on weekdays excluding Finnish national holidays, other holidays times announced by Profiz or during a maintenance break (Profiz’s service hours). During the pre-announced service breaks, Profiz arranges adequate standby service via phone for case of an emergency.

Very high

No user at customer can access the service due to a technical failure in the public cloud environment and there is no disaster recovery. Suspected data security breaches are included in this category.


The problem causes significant hindrances in using the service or part of the service (i.e. a noticeable reduction in overall response time) but does not completely prevent the use of the service, or there is a workaround for the problem.


A problem that causes a mild hindrance in the use of the service (i.e. a barely noticeable reduction in responsiveness or an issue affecting only specific users) but does not prevent the use of the service, or there is a workaround for the problem.


The problem does not hinder the normal use of the service, but may present a mild inconvenience overall. This category also covers questions and non-urgent change requests by the customer.

Profiz adheres to the described time limits in incident handling as stated below. The time periods are calculated within the limits of Profiz’s service hours which are defined earlier in this document. 



First response time

Target time for resolving (best effort) 

Very high


1 hour

0,5 day



4 hours

1 day



1 day

5 days



2 days

10 days

Version update

The SAP Business One software is updated at minimum twice a year in the public cloud. This update might be a major or a patch level update and customer will be informed in advance. A new instance of the software (“service unit”) is prepared, and a transitional period commences during which the customer can continue using the old version or migrate to the new version. At the time of new service unit preparation, customer will be informed about the maximum migration period. After this period, the customer will not be able to use the old version in the public cloud. Before migrating productive database to a new version, a test database can be created and updated first to test the new version  (only with major upgrades or when Profiz sees it as required). 

The version update includes:

  • Running a pre-update test to reduce the chance of issues arising during migration
  • Creating a new tenant with a copy of the productive database and upgrading it to the new version provided for testing purposes (only with major upgrades or when Profiz sees it as required)
  • Support and troubleshooting on software update

Customer’s responsibilities regarding the version update:

  • If a separate test tenant is provided, customer tests the updated version in the testing environment and reports any problems to Profiz
  • After the software version update has been carried out on the productive SAP Business One environment, customer reports any issues to Profiz

Version update service limitations

The version update is included in the service for no extra charge, excluding the cases listed below.


The software update service does not cover updating any customisations, alterations, tailoring, integration or connectivity updates previously implemented for the customer to be compatible with the new version of the software. The update of such assets to be compatible with the new version can be included in a separate maintenance or service agreement.

The service also excludes any compatibility updates on print-outs, print-out layouts, reports, queries, or any other similar services or features not included in the standard version of the updated software. Profiz can provide a price estimate for a service to update such assets to be compatible with the updated software version. Such a service will be invoiced based on actual costs, not by the estimate.

Version update process scheduling

Once the potential test run update has been completed in customer’s testing environment, customer has one week to test run the updated software in the test environment and report any problems to Profiz. An extended testing period is negotiable if a significant obstacle requires it. An extended testing period might cause extra costs for customer on the testing environment.

After the customer's approval, Profiz shall execute the version update in the production environment during a mutually agreed time period. Version updates will mainly be carried out between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm on a weekday. If the customer requires the version update to be carried out outside of these hours, extra charges may apply.

After the version update has been finished in the production environment, customer has a week to report any problems to Profiz. Profiz shall investigate and execute the necessary repairs without delay as a part of the version update service provided that the reported issues do not fall under the special cases detailed in Version update service limitations.

Profiz will inform the customer of a scheduled version update reasonably in advance. Customer will be offered the possibility to test the new version before any updates are carried out in the production environment. 

In other respects, the terms of Project Work apply.

Transitional provisions

With effect from the first date of commencement of this SLA, a 'ready-for-use' period of three months applies in which the service provider and customer are given the opportunity to strengthen internal processes and thus attain the service level described in this document. After this period, the 'ready-for-service' period commences and the agreed service level will then actually be provided.