Order terms: SAP Business One Cloud Licenses 

If SAP Business One is connected to other systems where SAP Business One data and logic are used,  this so-called  indirect use must be licensed.

If a third-party application is connected to SAP B1 and thus SAP B1 is indirectly used by third parties (for example, an e-commerce connected to SAP B1 that can be used by an indefinite number of external users), that interface must be licensed by SAP Business One indirect access by non- employees  -license/user right. Indirect access license is therefore required for each interface that is as described above.  In addition to the license, each application requires a single user ( SAP B1 Public Cloud - Mobile User ) for the SAP B1 cloud platform , through which transactions are logged in the SAP B1 system.

In the case of a third-party application, through which the company's own employees are  indirectly using SAP Business One (for example, a MES system such as LYNQ MES, that is connected to SAP B1, and used by company's own designated employees), they must have at least SAP Business One Indirect Access User - license/user right for such use. For clarity, the Professional and Limited licenses already include the Indirect license itself.