Order terms: Project Work

Project-natured service delivered to customer is termed Project Work. Upon the customer’s request, Profiz can provide a work estimate and a quotation for Project Work or a part of Project Work. Work estimates for Project Work and quotations related to them are always suggestive and Profiz charges the customer for the work performed based on time spent. The charged amount consists of all work performed related to the service ordered by the customer and delivered by Profiz such as Project Work specifications, Project Work implementation planning, making work estimates for the Project Work, scheduling the Project Work, Project Work implementation, Profiz’s internal communication and communication related to the Project Work, communication with the customer related to the Project Work, reporting to the customer about Project Work progress and time spent, Project Work documentation and other similar work performances related to the Project Work.

If in the customer’s environment or during the technical implementation of Project Work there arise factors that the customer did not realise or think to communicate to Profiz beforehand or that Profiz could not have reasonably taken into account in planning the Project Work realization and that increase the amount of work related to realization considerably over the estimate, Profiz will notify the customer immediately once this becomes apparent. Profiz and the customer will then renegotiate finishing the Project Work implementation and the related costs. However, in all cases, Profiz reserves the right to charge the customer for the time spent up until that point.

Additionally, if the customer wishes to significantly change the specification or the original implementation plan for the Project Work or to halt the implementation of the Project Work for some other reason independent of Profiz, Profiz reserves the right to charge the customer for the time spent up until that point and in the case of altered specifications or realization, provide a new work estimate.

Regards to SAP B1 Custom SW & Integrations Development, an annual maintenance fee of 10-25% of the implementation’s value is charged for customer-specific light customizations, customizations, and interfaces. The aforementioned maintenance and support are agreed upon with the customer separately.