Order terms: Third party applications related to SAP B1

SAP B1 Corporate Bank Add-on is Profiz's own additional application running within SAP Business One. The application generates SEPA-compliant payment material for SAP outgoing payments in accordance with the requirements of Finnish banks, which can be submitted to the bank for payment.

The SAP B1 Corporate Bank Add-on, Public Cloud and Supported by Partner is an enterprise-specific application license that entitles all SAP B1 users in the enterprise who have a valid SAP Business One Cloud User, Public Cloud and Supported by Partner license or SAP B1 Public Cloud and Partner Support  license and SAP B1 Maintenance subscription. In addition to the user right, the service automatically covers version upgrades in connection with the release of new versions, as well as the Profiz user support for the application as part of  SAP B1 User Support.