Order terms: Third party applications related to SAP B1

Profiz's own additional application for SAP Business One, which works with an Frends-integration platform as a so-called scenario. The Finvoice scenario retrieves a list of invoices from SAP B1 at times specified by the customer, from which the Finvoice 3.0 standard-compliant data is generated for file sharing in the public cloud environment. Our operator partner OWS delivers invoices from the file sharing directly to the recipients either as electronic invoices in Finvoice format, by e-mail in PDF format or via paper printing as paper invoices. The Finvoice scenario is a standardized solution, which means that the company cannot influence which fields in the SAP B1 database are mapped to the Finvoice standard fields, but all companies have the same mappings. 

Finvoice for SAP B1, Public Cloud and Supported by Partner is an enterprise-specific application license that entitles all SAP B1 users in the enterprise to use the application with a valid SAP Business One Cloud User, Public Cloud and Supported by Partner, or SAP B1 Public Cloud and Partner Support and SAP B1 Maintenance subscriptionIn addition to the user right, the service automatically covers version updates in connection with the release of new versions, as well as Profiz user support.

User support

User support includes:

  • 24/7 self-service support through the Profiz customer portal
  • Profiz's personal support service (e-mail / ticketing system) during Profiz's service hours

From the Profiz customer portal available 24/7, users can find documentation related to the application, covering e.g. training materials, FAQ articles and information on different versions of the software.

Personal support service means guiding the users in the use of the application, supporting them and resolving possible problem situations (best effort) remotely through Profiz's ticketing system. User support related to the application is provided on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm, excluding any separately announced holiday periods and maintenance outages, in which case Profiz's Support Service is closed. Support requests and notifications of problem situations must be reported through Profiz's ticketing system and the message must be accompanied by information relevant to the description of the problem, such as screenshots, event logs, images, videos or other more detailed information requested by Profiz. 

User Support Limitations

In order for a company to be entitled to user support for the application, the company must have an agreement on the delivery of electronic invoices with our co-operation operator OWS Finland OyIf the customer uses an operator other than OWS, Profiz is not responsible for the suitability of the material for the operator and reserves the right to charge for the examination of error messages provided by the operator according to the time spent separately.

User support does not cover customer-specific mappings of SAP B1 database fields to the Finvoice standard, which Profiz does not currently implement at all.

User support does not cover the resolution of customer problem situations, which require an access to the customer's database and the examination of the information and entries made in the customer's system. This means situations where the customer asks to find out, for example, why an invoice has been left in error and the customer himself does not know how or does not want to check, based on the given documentation, which information he has incorrectly determined in his system. For the sake of clarity, if an examination of the customer's database reveals that the root cause of the problem is an error in the Finvoice scenario or a problem at the end of the OWS, the support provided is included in the application user support.

User support does not cover a service that counts as consulting, such as advising the customer on the placement of data to be transferred to the Finvoice material in the SAP user interface, for which the customer has been instructed during implementation and in the application-related documentation. Cases in which the customer has been instructed, for example, to make a change to correct a material error in his or her own SAP B1 system, but for one reason or another the customer wants Profiz to make the change in the system, are also considered to be consulting. 

User support does not cover training or teaching the user to use the application. Profiz provides extensive instructions for using the application and requires users to familiarize themselves with the instructions provided before contacting Profiz Support. Profiz requires the customer to take care of the basic training of its users themselves or by ordering training separately through Profiz.

Customer Support does not cover the diagnosis or support of problems related to customer's own local or third-party server environment, network environment, or workstations, or related software or other installation work or support for installation work. Profiz considers these to be the responsibility of the customer's own IT or outsourced IT partner.

Application support does not cover user support for SAP Business One.

SLA for processing support requests

Support requests and notifications of problem situations must be reported through Profiz's ticketing system and the message must be accompanied by information relevant to the description of the problem, such as screenshots, event logs, images, videos or other more detailed information requested by Profiz.

Prioritization of support request processing follows the following classification below. Profiz reserves the right to determine the rating for the support request reported by the customer and, if necessary, to change this rating based on the criteria below.

Very high

This problem prevents you from using the application completely.


The problem situation causes significant inconvenience to the use of the application, but does not prevent the use of the entire system or the problem can be circumvented.


A problem situation that affects the use of a particular functionality or feature of an application but does not prevent the use of the entire functionality or feature.


The problem does not prevent you from using a specific functionality or feature of the application, but it can affect usability.

Profiz adheres to the below described time limits in incident handling. The time periods are calculated within the limits of Profiz’s service hours. Profiz’s support service is on duty on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, excluding separately announced holidays and maintenance breaks when Profiz’s support service is closed. Support requests and incident notifications must be reported through Profiz’s ticketing system and the message must include information pertinent to the issue description such as screenshots, event logs, images, videos, or other details separately requested by Profiz. During pre-announced service interruptions, Profiz will provide the necessary emergency services for emergencies.




First response time

Target time for resolving (best effort)

Very high


1 hour

1 day



4 hours

5 days



1 day

10 days



2 days

30 days