Order Terms: SAP B1 Public Cloud Services

SAP B1 Public Cloud - B1iF iPaaS (iPaaS = Integration Platform as a Service) covers the use of SAP Business One Integration Framework as a cloud service. The customer-specific B1iF iPaaS can be used to run the customer's EDI and warehouse interfaces as well as other possible customer-specific integrations. An iPaaS unit is a container that contains a certain amount of machine capacity to run subscriptions and integrations. Depending on the number and load capacity of the customer's interfaces and integrations, the number of containers may have to be increased if necessary, which naturally increases the customer's compensation for the service. 

The service does not include the SAP B1 licenses required for indirect subscription / integration use of the SAP B1 system, which must be purchased separately by the customer. The service also does not include the monitoring, maintenance or support of interfaces and integrations running on B1iF.