Order terms: SAP B1 Public Cloud Services

SAP B1 Public Cloud REST API Usage -service includes the use of SAP Business One REST API, Service Layer, in a public cloud environment provided by Profiz through partnership with Databalance as follows:

  • Adequate resources covering the Service Layer use via customer's integration instances or through third party applications
  • Service availability of 99,6% calculated based on 24 hours per day and 365 days per year
  • All required administration, management, maintenance and necessary updates on the SAP Business One public cloud infrastructure
  • Regular upgrades of the SAP Business One Service Layer, as provided by SAP for public cloud environments
  • Communication regarding changes related to the Service Layer upgrades, communicated to customer-named Service Layer users

Required administration, management and maintenance consists of automated supervision of the Service Layer to ensure the interface remains operational and services respond as expected.

Other Service Layer -related work, as ordered by customer, will be invoiced based on the hours used (minimum 1 hour) where Profiz’s price list applies unless otherwise agreed.

Service limitations

While there are no technical limitations on API calls, it's essential to recognize that the Service Layer operates within a shared REST API environment. This shared environment may experience limitations in handling API calls when serving multiple clients and integrations concurrently. Therefore, customer users (internal developers or third party developers) using the Service Layer should possess a reasonable technical understanding of REST APIs and their load-bearing capacity. It's crucial to commit to creating API calls efficiently, avoiding excessive or unnecessary data requests. In the event of a customer's integration generating an unreasonable volume of API calls or excessively large API requests causing performance degradation of the Service Layer, Databalance, as the technical operator, reserves the right to block the responsible IP address.

The service does not extend to consulting activities, such as providing guidance on Service Layer usage such as giving instructions on API endpoints and helping in writing API calls or troubleshooting issues arising from customer specific API calls.

Service does not cover the diagnosis or support of problems with customer's own local or third-party server environment, network environment, or workstations, or related software or other installation work or support for installation work. Profiz considers these to be the responsibility of the customer's own IT or outsourced IT partner.

Support request handling SLA

Any issues with the service are to be reported to Profiz’s incident ticketing system. Support requests and incidents must be reported through Profiz’s ticketing system and the message must include information pertinent to the issue description such as screenshots, event logs, images, videos, or other details separately requested by Profiz

Profiz will solve the reported issues based on their urgency (best effort). Profiz handles incidents during business hours from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm on weekdays excluding Finnish national holidays, other holidays times announced by Profiz or during a maintenance break (Profiz’s service hours). During the pre-announced service breaks, Profiz arranges adequate standby service via phone for case of an emergency.

Very high

No user at customer can access the service due to a technical failure in the public cloud environment and there is no disaster recovery. Suspected data security breaches are included in this category.


The problem causes significant hindrances in using the service or part of the service (i.e. a noticeable reduction in overall response time) but does not completely prevent the use of the service, or there is a workaround for the problem.


A problem that causes a mild hindrance in the use of the service (i.e. a barely noticeable reduction in responsiveness or an issue affecting only specific users) but does not prevent the use of the service, or there is a workaround for the problem.


The problem does not hinder the normal use of the service, but may present a mild inconvenience overall. This category also covers questions and non-urgent change requests by the customer.

Profiz adheres to the described time limits in incident handling as stated below. The time periods are calculated within the limits of Profiz’s service hours which are defined earlier in this document. 



First response time

Target time for resolving (best effort) 

Very high


1 hour

0,5 day



4 hours

1 day



1 day

5 days



2 days

10 days