Order terms: Third party applications related to SAP B1

Factoring Extension is an additional service offered within Profiz's Finvoice for SAP B1 cloud service. This service entails delivering electronic invoices in Finvoice format to a factoring partner approved by Profiz. A prerequisite for accessing the Factoring Extension is that the customer has an existing order for Finvoice for SAP B1.

Service limitations

The service does not include diagnosing or supporting issues related to the factoring partner's systems or environment, nor does it involve communication with the factoring partner concerning potential technical issues regarding the receipt of factoring material on their end. In the event that a customer reports a problem with factoring (e.g., delayed receipt of funds from the factoring partner), Profiz collaborates with its invoice operator partner to investigate the issue until it can be confirmed that the factoring material has been successfully transmitted to the factoring partner. Profiz retains the right to bill the customer for any additional investigations conducted, based on the hours utilized (with a minimum billing of 1 hour), in accordance with Profiz’s price list.

SLA for processing support requests

Any issues with the service are to be reported to Profiz’s incident ticketing system. Support requests and incidents must be reported through Profiz’s ticketing system and the message must include information pertinent to the issue description such as screenshots, event logs, images, videos, or other details separately requested by Profiz.

Profiz will solve the reported issues based on their urgency (best effort). Profiz handles incidents during business hours from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm on weekdays excluding Finnish national holidays, other holidays times announced by Profiz or during a maintenance break (Profiz’s service hours). During the pre-announced service breaks, Profiz arranges adequate standby service via phone for case of an emergency.

Prioritization of support request processing follows the following classification below. Profiz reserves the right to determine the rating for the support request reported by the customer and, if necessary, to change this rating based on the criteria below.

Very high

The issue prevents the customer from using the service completely.


The issue causes significant inconvenience to the use of the service, but does not prevent the use of the entire service or the issue can be circumvented.


An issue that affects the use of a particular functionality or feature of an service but does not prevent the use of the entire service.


The issue does prevent using a specific functionality or feature of the service, but it affects usability.




First response time

Target time for resolving (best effort)

Very high


1 hour

1 day



4 hours

5 days



1 day

10 days



2 days

30 days